Organically sourced Chinese Herbal Products


Our unique products combine whole plant extracts of Chinese herbs in time-tested formulas utilize the multiple benefits  allowing for quicker absorption and relief based results.


Our original whole plant extract herbal product – Relief Oil – was created for the hardworking, chronic pain patient. We combined 100% organic or wildcrafted essential oils, and Chinese herbs to create a product that worked to alleviate pain quickly. We developed additional products, Relief Deep, Relief Red and Evil Bone Relief, in response to our patient’s needs we experienced in our clinic. Our rollers were designed to apply the oil to any surface on the body in an easy and clean way. Just roll on – roll as much as you need, the more your roll the more product you use. Our droppers were created for when the roller just won’t do or when you need a large amount to cover a large area.


Massage therapists love our Relief Salve. We designed it specifically for them and for our customers that prefer a salve over an oil application. The Relief Salve has the same great herbs, aroma, and action that comes with our Relief oil – just in a longer lasting salve application. Apply it wherever you feel pain or massage along the back of your neck to help with nervousness or sleeplessness.


Our best-selling Mg Butter was created to help soothe growing pains. We have young children, and while our original Relief worked most of the time for their aches and pains – it sometimes wouldn’t cut it. Knowing that growing bones and muscles need magnesium and that using it can help alleviate pain, we created our Mg Butter. It is a thicker, softer salve that combines all the herbs and oils of the original Relief with 200mg of magnesium chloride.


Like all of our products, our face wash uses no preservatives and only 100% organic ingredients. Our wash is designed to gently clean your skin while supporting your natural oils. We designed this formula after working with many of our clinic patients and seeing how traditional OTC face washes dried and exacerbated their skin. Apply with a little water and massage into the skin. There is minimal sudsing action – however your face will feel clean, fresh and soft.


Our unique, rich facial cream (Radiant Astra8) uses the healing properties of astragulus (huang qi) to support collagen development, moisturize the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. For our high desert air, we’ve found that our patients love how their skin soaks up the cream without feeling oily. We love applying our cream after using our toner and face wash in the morning. And at night, we apply after cleansing and applying our original serum.


We combine the highest grade 100% organic argan oil with Chinese herbs and essential oils to create a rich and nourishing facial serum. Our Radiance+ takes this same formula and adds our 100% organic whole plant extract hemp oil. This combination is getting rave reviews for healing and helping to restore skin to its natural glow. We recommend applying this at night, after cleaning your face with our Clean face wash. Follow-up afterward with our Radiant Astra8 face cream.

Chinese Herbs

Our not-so-secret ingredients – 100% wildcrafted and sustainable harvested Chinese herbs. We are one of the few that have access to these amazing herbs that up until now have been reserved for the wealthy in China. Because of how these herbs are cultivated, harvest and wildcrafted – their healing properties are preserved and bioavailable. This is what separates us from everyone else.