Colorado based, family owned CBD products


In 2012, when cannabis became legal in the state of CO, we began seeing patients in the clinic who had been self-prescribing CBD and THC. We realized that the variations in the efficacy of our herbal prescriptions were due to the endocannabinoid system’s involvement with the CBD products. After much research and experimenting, we found that a “less is more” approach was almost always better for the patient and their recovery, however, the marketplace didn’t reflect this reality.

At the same time we were researching hemp, cannabis and herbal medicine, Stacey’s father, a rancher and farmer in Wyoming that has used his back to overcome the elements for many years, asked her to make him a “pain salve that would last longer than a couple of hours”. After successfully using essential oils and herbal liniments to help her mother recover from double knee surgery, she made a topical for her dad splicing in some whole hemp plant extract. Well, if you know anything about ranchers and CBD it was not something he had laying around in his medicine cabinet. But after one application he was able to reduce his use of ibuprofen and to this day he swears by its efficacy not only for reducing back pain but also supporting other health improvements.

So we began making our own products, first in the basement and now in our state-of-the-art laboratory. We are thrilled to bring you the fruits of that research and hope you will enjoy this journey as much as we have!


Helping our family, and yours, live a better life is what we are all about here at Good Life Botanicals. Natural remedies for loved ones.